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Perla Cooler Tote

as low as $2.98

Lunch Caddy

as low as $4.48

Captain's Boat Bag

as low as $8.48

Polka Dot Tote

as low as $7.98

Meribel Reversible Tote

as low as $6.98

Piccolo Mini Tote

as low as $3.98

Contemporary Tote

as low as $4.98

Expo Tote

as low as $3.48

Colored Handle Tote

as low as $3.25

Artesian Tote II

as low as $1.98

Vertex Large Sport Duffel

as low as $32.98
Bags are one of the most versatile promotional products available! Stylish and convenient, they can be imprinted with your company's name and logo to be used over and over again. Customers will proudly carry your sturdy tote or backpack with them everywhere, advertising your brand to their friends and the public. Bag promotions inspire customer loyalty and make wonderful corporate gifts. Stuff one with a few other special items (try an imprinted mug & pen for an office gift, or a towel & pedometer in a duffel for a gym), and suddenly you have an exciting gift package that doubles as an easy way to popularize your brand! Grocery stores are a wonderful location to sell re-usable bags- go green by using eco-friendly grocery totes instead of environmentally harmful plastic bags or difficult-to-carry paper sacks. And with the rising taxes on plastic bags, the re-usable totes are cost effective and earth-friendly (besides being a great way to market your store!) Trade shows are another great opportunity to use imprinted bags. Putting your company name and booth number on a tote will drive traffic to your booth, and give attendees a welcome relief from their handfuls of catalogs and literature. Or try handing out a set of quality luggage with your business logo imprinted on it before a big company convention or conference- it will make your employees feel proud to be part of your group, and give them a sense of unification. Add your mission statement to remind them what you stand for! These are just a few possible uses for imprinted promotional bags- there are many more possibilities, all you need is a little imagination and a great source to provide your bags- like us!