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Colori IV Mini Jotter

as low as $3.15

Ravia Mini Jotter

as low as $2.50

Aluminum Note Pad Set

as low as $3.95

Aria Junior Padfolio

as low as $3.15

Chou Mini Jotter & Pen

as low as $1.92

Stylo Sketch Pen

as low as $2.49

Pocket Brush Pen

as low as $12.49

Rolly 4-Color Pen

as low as $5.99

8 Colour Pencil

as low as $17.49
Put your logo right into their hands! Pens are one of the best venues for promotional imprints, spreading your brand awareness every time they are used. Think pens are boring? Think again! There are hundreds of styles and types to fit every writing personality, from high-end metal gift pens to affordable and easy-to-use plastic ones. We'll bet that every one of your customers uses pens many times on a daily basis- why shouldn't they be reminded of you each time they write a note or jot a meme? Pens can have one of the lowest cost-per-impressions because of how many times they can be used. Though it may seem like a small thing, many people closely guard their favorite pen and use it every day. This provides a wonderful opportunity to put your logo in a place close to your customer, where they will see it again and again. Or, perhaps they will pass it on to a friend, and then you have expanded brand awareness and the possibility of getting a new customer! No matter which style you choose, pens are just a great deal all around.